Threejs WebGPU examples

I just read something about WegGPU. Threejs already support that.

I read here in the forum that I should use chrome canery if I want to use webGPU. So I installed chrome canery version 117 and in chrome canery I get the message "your browser does not support webGPU yet. It works with Firefox nightly. Then it’s just a browser thing.
Do I have to activate something somewhere in google chrome?

Default chrome 114 already support GPU without any flags in settings.

Then I still don’t see the reason why it works in firefox nightly and not in chrome canery v117 :thinking:

It can also depend on the operating system, on Linux, Ubuntu at least, it does not work on at all.

I use an android tablet, samsung galaxy tab 8. Then I assume that browsers still make differences

If your browser doesn’t implement WebGPU then it certainly won’t work, but beyond that it’s a device-specific question. Similar to how all modern browsers support WebGL 2, but some devices still do not, some devices will not support WebGPU even with a browser that does. I would expect more devices to support WebGPU over time, but as you can see here …

… very few Android devices currently support WebGPU.

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Good to know. I think that will be the cause then. As long as I have a browser that works, I’m happy and it works with firefox nightly.
In itself, the topic is then ended and I tick the box for solution.