ThreeJS WebGL consultant needed for GM

Hi all,

General Motors is attempting to re-create some of the current WebGL online configurators out there, similar to the example of the Genesis link below;

We have a talented team of developers who are currently building the code in ThreeJS, however we need a consultant that we could set up some calls & meetings with, in order to to push the progress of the project and reach a pressing deadline.

Please let us know below if you would be interested so we can set something up. Our time of business is 9am - 5:30pm Irish Standard Time.

Thank you for your interest & hope to hear soon.


Philip O’Rourke, General Motors IT Services


I would love to assist you over your requirements. A five minute chat would be helpful. looking for your reply, thank you.

Luis vane

Hi Luis, thanks for the quick reply!

Sounds good, could you send us on your email address so we can continue the discussion?

Thanks, Philip

Hi Ell.

I’ve been working with many companies on similar projects. Including Polaris and few other (can’t mention).
And been in WebGL industry since it was a draft and available only in special browser builds.

Let me know if I can be of help.
My email:


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Hi Philip,

This looks interesting!
I have more than a decade of experience in Computer graphics, and here is my portfolio website::

it will be great to talk and know more about the details.
My email is


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yes sure
Skype: live:luis_18439

Hello Philip O’Rourke

I have experience in this area. I can assist you.
Please get in touch with the below-shared contact details.

Email –
Skype – live:ianradnor088


Hi all,

Thanks very much for your replies! We are currently reviewing the applications sent in for the project. If you have any further material to add please don’t hesitate to send a personal message and our team will review the results.

Thanks again & have a great day,

Philip O’Rourke, GMIT


Hello Philip,

I can assist you with this project.
Please get connect with me to the below contact details.

Skype- live:linneajones

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