Threejs 3d earth + marker needs to be clickable

here my project

i tried everything to make the marker clickable but did’t work … anyone can help pleace

Here is a working version of your fiddle:

I made a few changes to the setup as your code was commented out and i wasn’t sure how to get what you had working.

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thanks you so much :slight_smile:

This Code Looks very familiar to me, this is my project and Ive used the threex domevents Extension.

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@weiserhei your project is awsome …
also i am trying to make the camera move slowly to the marker we i click on it if any one can help i will be thanful

I got most of my Math/Code from Stackoverflow or even answered there related Questions, so you could Patchwork from there.
Or, in case you just want to copy n paste from my Code, the function for moving the camera is here: my repository on github

Is there a current working version? This just displays a black window in fiddle.

I was editing the fiddle from the first example, which looks like it won’t work any more because the libraries and resources it links to are different or no longer available.

What specifically in the example were you looking for? The window.onmousedown function that the question was asking for is generic enough to copy into other projects if that is what you wanted.

I was referencing the first example so that i could add markers to my own globe. I would like to eventually be able to add click events to the markers and change their colors, but for now I just want the marker to show up on top of my earth’s texture and sphere, after converting it’s coordinates to map.

It looks like the thing causing his fiddle not to work is the
var manager = createLoader(renderer.domElement, animate);

UPDATE: maybe not… In my own project I took out that line and just used a regular textureloader with my own image. Running it after that, it is just a black screen just like the demo

Its breaking at that line, because one of the referenced scripts has been removed, which it was relying on.
<script src=""></script>

Also some of the scripts were being fetched with http instead of https.

have resolved the issues and it works here:

Thank you! So now I will add my own map of the earth as a texture around the sphere. This should be possible, correct? I wish the OP provided the image that he used somewhere public. I am downloading one from