"THREE.WebGLRenderer: EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic extension not supported." only in mobile


I’m getting this warn in console when I open the project in mobile, this warn is only in mobile. I’ve tried to set de anisotropy of my textures on 0 but keeps apearing.

I’m using post-processing. Outlinepass, bloom, gammacorrection with equirectangular envmap.

Any solution? or this has no effect in general performance?

In general, the logs should not have an effect on performance. However, I’ve filed a PR in order to make the renderer less verbose in context of EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic.

I have same issue some devices didn’t have anisotropic filtering it means we can’t use anisotropic filtering on the device we’re running in. Usually anisotropic filtering make textures looks nice on screen than linear filtering.

Well, there is no way to use anisotropic filtering if the device does not support it.

However, the next release r126 should report less WebGL warnings and thus avoid confusion in the user base.

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Sounds nice for the beginner, so they will not confused about unsupported extension. Maybe try to add new implementation to show the message, so the message should be appear when we apply that line of code. Basically the message not appear by default.