THREE.SimplifyModifier | Optimise 3D model and preserve textures

Hi All,

I am trying to optimise a large model (.obj + .mtl + .jpg) for preview in web browser. I am using THREE.SimplifyModifier. It seems that this modifier doesn’t preserve uv coordinates (faceVertexUvs array is empty).

SimplifyModifier version and this version are similar. Per description that version supports uv coordinates [20070517 - now retain UV information] - interesting. It would be great when we should be able to optimise geometry and preserve texture(s).

My question is, could someone explain what is the connection between faceVertexUvs and faces / vertices. Is it possible to compute faceVertexUvs array from vertices and faces? Does first element from faceVertexUvs correspond to first element from vertices / faces arrays?

Hi! Brief update: I’ve created a new version of THREE.SimplifyModifier and imported it into CodePan sample. It seems that I am missing something in implementation. Could someone help me? Texture is not mapped as expected.


THREE.SimplifyModifier does not support texture coordinates yet. The following issue at github tracks this feature request: