Working out faceVertexUvs on custom model


I’m a bit stuck on how to work out the faceVertexUvs on the end of this model:

As you can see the top is fine with a wood grain pattern along the length of it but I’m stuck on how to make the grain texture continue down from the top. You can probably see where I’ve placed my face triangles - should I be able to achieve what I want with the faces how they are or do I need to create more vertices?

If you author your model in Blender, it should be no deal to improve the texture coordinates. Or is this geometry generated with JavaScript.

BTW: faceVertexUvs is a property of Geometry which is somewhat deprecated. You might want to work with BufferGeometry instead.

Yes I’m generating it in Javascript as I don’t have any experience with 3D modelling programs yet (Blender is on the list of things to learn!).

The threejs docs said Geometry is more user-friendly than BufferGeometry and “prefer BufferGeometry for large or serious projects” so I thought Geometry would be best for this since it’s not a very complex project.

Well, it’s not easy to fix such issues in code so it’s probably better to choose the Blender route.

Yes, the docs are right although things in Geometry can quickly get confusing since WebGL has no concept of faces. I’ve you really want to procedurally generate geometries, I suggest you study how BufferGeometry works.

OK thanks, I’ll have a dabble with Blender