Three.js + Vue.js + Nuxt.js garbage collector and performance

Hi everybody!
I’d like to share with you my experience and have possibly some tips from you.
I’ve made a 3D online product configurator in threejs that rely on a SPA made in Vue.js +Nuxt.js (for indexing on search engine reasons).
I’m developing only the three.js part of the project. The rest is developed by another company.

Now I’ve got two problem I can’t really understand why:

  1. on both firefox and chrome I’ve got huge memory leaking even if I use dispose() everytime it’s needed.
  2. performance are about halved.

Fact is that the company that’s developing the structure of the website say that’s a three.js code optimization problem, not their fault. I let them see that mostly identical code without vue is running at the speed of light and without memory leaks.

There someone outthere that can help me giving me any sort of hint or tips on how to manage this hard relationship between three.js and vue.js?