Three.js R100 Coming Soon ~ Time to Celebrate?

Hi team Three.js

Three.js R100 is likely to be released in a month or so.

One hundred releases of something we like very much should be celebrated!

Wouldn’t it be nice if people in different cities get together and shared their personal Three.js stories - and even partied a bit?!

So, to set an example:

I live and work in San Francisco CA and having been coding with Three.js since 2010. I will be pleased to invite any and all Three.js peeps in San Francisco to come together and share our experiences.

If you think this is a nice idea and live in San Francisco then let me know and I will organize a venue and whatever.

If you live somewhere else then please think of getting people together wherever you live and work - and sending a message to this forum.

One thing to remember is that the date must be flexible - if Mr.doob is working on a major update then things can take longer than a month or so to update. Therefore I suggest that the get-together events should occur on the first Tuesday (or second?) after the release comes out.

I look forward to talking about quaternions, 60fps, marching cubes, shaders or whatever and not having people roll their eyes. :wink:

Theo Armour