Hacktoberfest! Contribute to open source projects!

It’s Hacktoberfest! Hacktoberfest runs each year in October to foster contribution towards open source projects. I’m in no way affiliated with the entities who run Hacktoberfest, but I like the idea of a focused time period when we are conscious of our contributions. It is also a great time for people that haven’t contributed to start!

From the three.js perspective, there isn’t that much that needs to be done. To get a bit more visibility, issues should be tagged with ‘Hacktoberfest’. PRs made to the three.js codebase count towards Hacktoberfest participation.

There are a bunch of documentation related issues: https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3ADocumentation
As well as some bugs that might be good for someone getting started with the code base: https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A"Bug+(easy)"


I like the idea. :slight_smile:

@Mugen87 @mrdoob what do you think of creating a temporary “Hacktoberfest” label for some of these issues and removing it at the end of the month? Note that the label is not required for PRs to qualify, it just helps with visibility.


Hackathons are super fun. Really nice when people get together and work on something interesting. I’d say that the last thing three.js needs are more hacks, though.

If i were still allowed to contribute to three.js with other friendly people, i’d suggest having a:


But of course, I was banned for a reason, so don’t listen to me :slight_smile:

The ‘Hack’ in Hacktoberfest is not to be read as adding hacky code to open source repos.


I’m fine with this. :+1: