Three.js performance on Intel uhd 620 graphics?


I am working on simulating a 3D interactive scene with three.js r116.

I load the gltf models and textures (using pre-baked lightmap as basecolor map) with gltfviewer code (, and add distance calculating logic into the request animation frame loop, as well as some trigers to start selected mesh key frame animations exported from art software.

it works well on iphone with more than 4Gigabyte memeory, or on android phone with over 6G memory.

but the fatal issue is, it result in extremely low frame per second on ordinary laptop computer (Win10, 8G memory, Intel uhd 620 graphics, Chrome), when I try to move forward/backward, or turn around (I use simulated first person control, to simulate a camera moving on the ground, while position.y=1500mm.)

my gltf files (with texture) is 2M (after draco).

does anyone have experience tackling this problem?