Need help from three.js performance expert

We’ve got a 3D visualization project we’re working on and could use some advice and code from a three.js expert. We’re starting to hit a wall in terms of performance when doing more complex visualizations, including browser crashes. This isn’t a big project, but would like for someone with experience in three.js to go over the code, and give some pointers to a three.js novice.

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While I can’t do any actual consulting for you, I can give you some pointers regarding things to look for regarding performance.

  • One of the most important things is to not load textures that have too high a resolution. On most devices, textures larger than 8192x8192 might crash the browser.
  • Certain model loaders use up too much memory, which can also lead to browser crashes. If possible, split large models into chunks and load each chunk separately.
  • On retina screens there are a ton of pixels to push, so you need to be careful with advanced pixel shaders.
  • This thread from Matt DesLauriers also has a bunch of things that might help:

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I did find somebody to do the work for me.