Three js developer required with canvas drawing knowledge

Need a three ja developer to develop dynamic object creation on canvas for a good client.

Open to discuss the payout.

Connect urgently.

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I am a seasoned Senior Web Software Engineer with an extensive track record in the web and 3D development domains, spanning over eight years. My expertise is particularly pronounced in the realm of 3D development, encompassing technologies such as Three.js, WebGL, Babylon.js, React Three Fiber, VR, XR, AR, Canvas, Unity, Cesium, and Resium.
I maintain a YouTube channel where I share insights into various development topics: ( )
I have a keen interest in the job opportunities
let’s connect and discuss more details

What is your timezone for availability? What Is your rate?

I like you work

Connecting telegram. Add me to send .

message. not able to connect in telegram

Please mail me


Please checkout my threejs project for interiors and open world.

Let me know if this source code interests you.

Hi all! I’m Yegor - Senior Web Developer. I have 4+ years with Three.js.
Here are my projects: (kitchen configurator)

Will be happy to help and waiting for reply!


I do have previous experience working with previous applications that required managing a dynamic canvas.

Please refer to:


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