[Part/Full-time, Remote] Looking for a senior three.js expert for image-editing app | OpenGL, Js, React


I am looking for a senior developer to join a small team of 3 to help us build a beautiful image editor.

About the role
We are in the initial stages of product, which we hope to launch publicly in 2-3 months. You will work on 3D transformations, spline curve fitting, surface approximations, compositions of multiple transformations.

We have one three.js developer on the team and our codebase has all of the required components working individually. Ideally, you would help us put it all together and ready for production.


  • Expert knowledge of shaders
  • OpenGL
  • Three.js
  • React (Optional)

We can agree on flexible hours 20 to 40. Work is remote, based in the EU timezone.

To apply, please send your CV or a 3.js project you have worked on to vectorfold.com@gmail.com

Feel free to ask any questions by email, or in this thread.

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