THREE+GIS+Ink Style+Recreation of 1000 Square Kilometers City

Hi guys, recently we have created a great website and would like to share it with all of you.

Project Highlights:

  • Based on GIS data, the buildings in the 1000 square kilometers area of Hangzhou have been stylized.

  • Extremely fast loading speed, complete loading within 5 seconds.

  • High-performance 3D real-time rendering, smooth operation on mainstream mobile phones and computers.

Details Processing:

  • Smooth camera animations.

  • Buildings gradually fade when the camera passes through them.

  • Automatic adjustment of camera position when passing through mountains, without clipping.

Thanks to THREE.



that’s meaningless without ISP/location context. for example, in the middle of european nowhere it loads like this:

(also I could not figure out how to zoom on desktop)

The ink-style is pretty amazing. I love it.

@makc3d if you click on the red vertical signs, the camera will zoom that area.

After exploring the city for 1 minute, the only bitter feel is that the buildings pop up only in some circle around the center. Oh, and the lack of understanding Chinese… I had to click on some buttons without knowing what they do.



Indeed, the description I provided earlier was not accurate. Perhaps I should add CDN to improve experience. You can use the scroll wheel on your computer to zoom in and out. Thank you for feedback.

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Thank you for your appreciation. Those were Chinese poems.


I cant :pensive: that was the 1st thing I tried

update: scroll does work in chrome but not in firefox


Thank for the feedback, we will fix this bug immediately.

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This is excellent work, love the art style! Maybe have an English version as well? even just to make it more accessible for people to enjoy your creation?

Either way, very well done :+1: