The light reflection effect on floor is disappear after I loaded the scene(glft file)

HI every one,

I am new here in threejs. and I found a problem after I load the GLTF file.

I download a scene model on the sketchfab, its a gallery and the wooden floor looks great with light reflection effect on the sketchfab, you can see the detail of the floor clearly, It looks like:

But things becoming strange after I loaded it with ThreeJs, the light effect is just disappear and I dont know why. and besides that, the detail of the floor texture is also disappear, it looks pretty different with it on sketchfab.

I use react three fiber to run the gallery, and there is the code in canvas:

  <Animate ref={ref} />
  <ambientLight intensity={1.2} castShadow/>
  <GalleryBuilding />
  <Sky />

the galleryBuildiing is the component to load GLTF.

Can anyone helps me to fix this? I want the gallery looks the same as it on sketchfab, Thanks a lot!

ootb three just won’t do that. what you see on sketchfab are specialised shaders and their own custom rendering engine.

your best chance of getting there is, specifically the realism-effects library, but it’s not yet done. the recent releases have some ghosting that he’s trying to fix. the last published state looks like this:

other than that you can fake it.

ground reflections with blur:

ssr (predating realism-effects, but also ghost-y, i can only ever use older versions somewhat consistingly)

box prejected environment