Sketchfab render not shown on my model

Im new to threejs so I make a model and adjust it though the sketchfab 3d settings but when I download the glb file to the three js the materials and light is not shown. Can someone help me out with these problems, is that possible the cube is look exactly the same on my website to the sketchfab?
The link is attached here:
xinyu.yang - Sketchfab

It looks like an issue with SketchFab’s automatic converter - the orignal DAE file looks fine in Blender.

You can fix the looks by importing the GLB in Blender and applying a semi-transparent material to the entire model. Then in you three.js scene just use an envmap or green-ish light to create the reflections.

So, the materials…idk why those aren’t shown, however you can’t make a light in blender and expect it to light your 3js scene… maybe I misunderstood

On a side-note, you can - blender lights are exportable:

Just make sure the intensity is scaled properly, three uses arbitrary units while blender uses Watts (ie. 1.0 intensity in Blender is super small, while in three is it going to be 100% at brightness.)

Huh…I’ve never seen that before. I’m not a blender person though. Thanks for the assistance mjurczyk