Model does not display

Hello, I’m a ThreeJS beginner with no experience, and I’m currently making my first car game using the library. However, a model is not displaying, and I have NO IDEA what to do (even after reading the docs). Here’s the code.

Looking at this on my phone, but it appears you’re not actually rendering anything. Check out the official examples and take note of the animation loops.

Thanks @Harold , but would any of you mind checking out the code and telling me what’s wrong? Have been stuck on this for 4 hours :anguished: :sob:

I meant you’re not calling renderer.render(scene, camera), so nothing is happening…

Thank you so much Harold! I’ll try this out right away. By the way, how’s development on Lux going on?

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Still working on the engine. I need low poly characters (customizable) and my 3d modeling skills are the equivalent of a flying horse. :sweat_smile:

i understand :laughing: . btw did you try sketchfab/google poly? I guess u could get some models from there without paying, you just have to show the credits (I have almost no idea about the legality of this, don’t believe everything I say is 100% true 'cause I’m a beginner in 3d development)

Nah, I need something durable. I’m thinking of buying this since it fits the art style perfectly but I’m not 100% sure it would work properly (using shared skeletons on combined skinned meshes are a bit finicky)

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oh okay i kind of understand now :+1:

Some changes in your code to make it able to show something: naughty-galileo-x3kkg - CodeSandbox

Maybe you can do something with it

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2021-06-11 15.18.50

See also MovementOnCurve from the Collection of examples from

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Thank all of you guys soo much!! I’ll be sure to check everything out :grin::ok_hand::clap:

Also, everyone, sorry to bother you again, but do you know if there’s a light theme for and how to set it up if so?