Textures lost after conversion to glTF

After I converting into gltf file the 3D model texture is not showing and also after I upload the model into three js editor the texture couldn’t be imported does anybody say how to solve this?

How do you perform the conversion? What tool are you using and what is your source format?

It would also help to share the original model (with textures) in this thread.

My source of format was obj and I use gltfjsx tool for conversion I done it previously it works well but this is can’t goes well

As an alternative, import the OBJ/MTL asset into Blender and then export to glTF.

i was not aware that gltfjsx can load obj? but imo obj doesn’t come with textures ootb, i would also suggest you figure this out in blender first and export as a glb, then use gltfjsx. btw i would always use the shell

npx gltfjsx yourmodel.glb --transform