Texture showing on the wrong side (rotation)

Hello there,

I have developed a code that can render a runway image on ThreeJS at real-world scale. However, I’m encountering an issue where the texture is appearing on the wrong side. The runway is aligned with the X positive axis, but I would like it to be aligned with the negative X axis (essentially achieving a symmetry on the Z axis without explicitly mirroring the object, as realism is important). I’ve attempted several rotate functions, but none seem to be working as intended.


Thank you for helping!


texture.rotation = Math.PI;
texture.center.set( 0.5, 0.5 );

I’ve taken a screenshot (aerial view) as your code currently shows. Please provide a picture of what you’re trying to achieve, You can use any 2D image manipulation program for this, which supports rotate and/or mirror functions.

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Sorry for not being comprehensible. I figured out the problem myself by applying symmetry and adjusting the math for the placement. It wasn’t about the texture itself but rather its placement.