Threejs seems to not render planes out of sight

When I add a plane and rotate it by 90 degrees on the X axis, it cannot be seen when it gets rendered even if the camera or the plane is moved. However, rotating the plane approximately 90 degrees causes it to render and show correctly.

When the plane is rendered at a completely 90 degree angle, scrolling back and forth to adjust camera view won’t show the plane. However scrolling around when the plane is rendered at a close to 90 degree angle, it works.

The code is here, and you can change line 17 between ‘approx’ and ‘ninety’ to see.

I may be missing something obvious or am oblivious to some fact, but it is completely puzzling at this point.

Can’t edit code but it might be because planes don’t have thickness, so you won’t see anything at 90 degrees. Try BoxBufferGeometry instead.

It’s okay if I do not see things initially at 90 degrees, issue is after I rotate the camera when its initial position is set to 90 degrees, nothing shows.

So when I set the plane’s rotation close to 90 degrees, it never renders.

If I set the plane’s rotation to be visible in the screen on first load, it renders properly and camera rotations correctly shows the plane at different angles.

The codepen should be clonable, or try sticking the code in plain html.

It looks like you are rotating camera around in place but you are not moving it, to see other sides of an object you need to move camera around the object or rotate the object rather than the camera.

Yes, of course, the camera’s Y is set to 0, and will not be able to see anything completely parallel to its rays unless its location changes, so rotating it wouldn’t change its effect… Mistook it for the Z axis.

Thanks for the tips, which helped me deduce this information.