Need a react three.js that can help me with my issue

In my r3f project, I have a camera that Is moving on the negative z-axis, below it I have 3 meshes(plane mesh with 10 for width and heigh), I rotated them and positioned them on the z-axis in such away that they looks like one plane (straight line), now the question is, I want to make the camera as if it is moving on infinte plane dimension, I got an idea which is when the camera passes the first plane (the first plane is positioned at 0,0,0) which will be at z position less than 10 to -20, then I want to move that plane to -30 z, and when the camera be at position less than 20 to -30, I want to move the second plane ( which initially will be at 0,0,-20 to -40, and so on, I hope you understood my explanation :smiley:

I think I understood but next time I suggest you to share the code or do some drawing to reference better.

If I understood well you want to do triggered changes. So when the camera get on a determined point the plane changes your position.

You can use intersectObjects from raycaster to achieve this goal.

Create points on the XYZ positions that you want to trigger the position transition and determine a condition that will be activated at the moment the camera get on a determined position distance from this point.