Texture not referenced in MTL exported from blender

Hi guys, I was wondering if I could pick any of your brains in regards to Blender3D and OBJ & MTL exporting.

I am using the latest Blender3D (2.79), created a simple 3d model and when I export to OBJ format, it creates the MTL file but when I display the model it is not referencing the PNG texture file.

Anyone able to help please?

Can you share the .mtl or .blend file? It is hard to troubleshoot without that. Also make sure the references to your PNG in the .mtl file are right (you can open it in a text editor). Any errors in the console? Some troubleshooting tips here: https://aframe.io/docs/0.7.0/introduction/models.html#troubleshooting

Also, it’s best to use a descriptive title for your question so that others know what it’s about.

Updated title and tags.