Why I can't show the MTL

hi. friends. why I can’t show the MTL.
I have a question when I tried to load an object with MTL file.
when I used the object file “female02.obj” in the examples given by three.js.org. I can show the object in the page. but when I try to load an building with MTL file. the object shown but MTL I use Blendar to export the *.obj file and *.mtl.
the file 3.zip includes the *.obj, *.mlt and jpg/png used.
the file female2.zip is picked up from the examples
and the code.txt is the code I used.
How can I do, thanks.

the PNG file "Hotel_Hous_AO.png" is included in the 3.zip originally, but the 3.zip will be too large if the file included, so I deleted the file from 3.zip and post it.

code.txt (1.1 KB) [female2.zip|attachment](upload://obfNkw3mMYcQZ64uJU32Q2uW3.zip (948.2 KB) koy.zip) (510.9 KB)

I have change the file format to *.glb and use GLTFLoader to load it. I did it and show the building on my page. but it will take a few seconds.
but I still want to know why I can’t load the MTL in. and is there anything I can do to improve the speed of showing.
thanks very much.

I think your problem was caused by how you exported your obj or however it is represented in blender.
When I look at it after added to the scene, it is LineSegments with LineBasicMaterial

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thanks for your reply.

Do you mean I should export the model in Blendar by another format? I export the *.obj and *.mtl file by the menu command. and I don’t know how to export in some other format for the *.obj file. .

and because this model wasn’t built by me, it was download from internet to try how to use MTLLoader and OBJLoader class. I don’t know how to rebuild the model, and because my focus is just the usage of the class in three.js, and I have show the model correctly by export the file in GLB format. so maybe I would rebuild the model itself.
But when I try to build my model, what should I follow. thanks.