SVG path to LatheBufferGeometry?

I’ve got the SVGLoader running fine.
I’ve also got the LatheBufferGeometry running fine.
The problem is:
Getting the points from the SVGLoader to the LatheBufferGeometry correctly.
I have it working, except that the result is FLAT.

I’ll work on getting some images and example code up to explain what i’m doing in detail, but in the meantime if there are any quick tips or knowledge on the issue, that would be great!

ah solved it…
the issue was in the lathe code i was using…
i had been picking the points as if it were a Vector 2 as opposed to my SVG’s output which had it’s point arrays in Vector3.

                        positions[i * 3],
                        positions[i * 3 + 1],
                        // positions[i * 3 + 2]   // not this. (was used for previous project)
                        ) );