Surface from array of vector3

Hello, I have an array of points, how can I create a surface from these points similar to this image:

The array may contain more points not only 4, I want to extrude this surface after that but I can’t find the approach to construct this geometry. Any help is appreciated.

Maybe this will help you? :thinking:

Indexed BufferGeometry




from Collection of examples from

NOTE! .addAttribute is now .setAttribute


You can’t derive a shape like shown in your image from a bunch of arbitrary points in 3D space. Assuming you have an array of 2D points AND they sequentially define the contour of a shape, you can use this array of points to create an instance of THREE.Shape. This shape can then be used to create an instance of THREE.ShapeBufferGeometry or THREE.ExtrudeBufferGeometry.


If you’re looking for a best fit plane to a set of points this link may be helpful:

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Thank you! these examples are exactly what I’m looking for :ok_hand:. that’s a huge collection of useful examples.

I’m glad if it’s usable for three.js users. :slightly_smiling_face: