Suggestion: Don't automatically unpin pinned posts once viewed

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When pinned posts contain “rules” for the forum/category, it is inconvenient that they “disappear” after being viewed once. When visiting the forum again after several months, I had forgotten that the pinned posts even exist.


Ha I clicked on a pinned post just to see if it would disappear forever and now I don’t know how to get it back :frowning:


Ok, in the absence of any dissenting voices I’ll go ahead and change the setting :+1:


Good! Now a pinned post that I hadn’t opened yet was kept pinned after opening it. However, the already unpinned posts are still unpinned. Is there a way to “bump” the pins on those posts? Maybe they must be resubmitted?

I’m had to track down the old posts and re-pin them - can you check again?

Now that they are more prominent, they could do with a bit more effort. If anyone want to post suggestions here, I’ll update them.

It worked! :+1:

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