Any way to remove "Your topic is similar to..." for Showcase and Jobs?

This is about the Discourse forum,

When you write a new topic, there is a “Your topic is similar to…” overlay on top of the text preview panel until you close it. This is great, especially for Questions topics. But I figured that when creating a Showcase or Jobs topic, it’s irrelevant and annoying.

I know that this forum is created with Discourse, so I guess you are limited to the options available, is there any mean to remove this “Your topic is similar to…” overlay for the Showcase and Jobs topics ?

@looeee ?


Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this (that I could find at least). It’s something I’ve looked into previously because it’s obviously useless for those categories. The best I was able to do is limit to suggestions from the current category.

If you like, you could make a feature request on Or ask there in case there’s a setting that I missed.

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I’ve opened a thread here.

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