Subdivision Modifier and Shape keys( morph Targets)

I am using blender for my model, I have used subdivision modifier and shape keys on same model. can I import it into three.js and use its shape keys while keeping the subdivision modifier on model. is this possible? Thanks in advance.

Maybe this thread will help a bit :thinking: ?

Thanks for you quick response, from that thread what I understand is that it is not possible to use both subdivision modifier and shape keys together with three.js. Am I correct?

You could subdivide in Blender before exporting - wouldn’t that be an option :thinking: ? (it may also be a better approach performance-wise.)

(Edit: related)

Subdivision, at least in three.js, is generating a whole new geometry. It’s slow and expensive and should probably be done once in advance. It is also completely incompatible with shape keys / morph targets. The SubdivisionModifier has many other limitations, and for several reasons it will not be available in three.js versions >r125.

Perhaps someone will write a more robust version of SubdivisionModifier in the future, or make OpenSubdiv work on the web, but I would not expect that any time soon. My suggestion would be to do any subdivision offline, in a tool like Blender. This should let you keep your morph targets, as well.

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I wonder if using LOD (level of detail) would workat all in your situation?