How to create SubdivisionModifier on BufferGeometry?

Can someone give me a pointer on where should start?

I trying to port this code → DeformIt! by Glenn Chun to the latest threejs Version.

the major challenge I’m facing is how to divide Geometry into multiple Faces. Since SubdivisionModifier is removed from the latest threejs version what should I do how do I create a subDivision on geometry so I can attach the related face to my transform controls and deform them? Reference

SubdivisionModifier works on THREE.Geometry() and now THREE.Geometry() is not present in threeJS r-136. What I’ve done I started converting THREE.Geometry() Meshes to THREE.BufferGeometry() but SubdivisionModifier does not work on BufferGeometry.

So can anyone please point me to any new Library which replaced SubdivisionModifier or any new threeJS library which I can use?

There is a copy of old Geometry here:


You may get some help here.

There are alot of people using older version of 3JS and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m still on version 103, which is almost three years old. I do not know the current version and honestly don’t care.

I hope you find the solution to your problem.

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll check the given link