3D Model from Blender and use Shape Keys

I export a 3D Model from Blender and use Shape Keys to move a group of vertices. Everything works fine in Blender.

I export in glTF format and manage my group through morphTargetInfluences.

The vertices are shifted correctly, but the scale of the entire model changes. I can’t understand why and how to solve it?

 let loader = new GLTFLoader();
    let object;
    let gui= new dat.GUI();
    let options={morph:0};

        let morphChange=()=>{

Can you please demonstrate the issue with a live example? Or maybe share your code as a git repository? I’m afraid it’s not possible to find the root cause with your provided code snippet.

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The model looks OK here:


Does that look correct?

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Yes, that’s correct. It seems like a problem is in my code

I think I’ve found the issue. Please import GLTFLoader and other three.js modules like OrbitControls from the official repo like so:

import { GLTFLoader } from 'three/examples/jsm/loaders/GLTFLoader.js';

You currently use the npm package three-gltf-loader which might use outdated code not compatible with the latest three.js version. After this change, everything works as expected.


It is fantastic!
It works!
Thank you very much!
I am very grateful!

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