Blender to GLFT export - Animation and Morph Target

Hi, I am trying to export a morph animation from blender to gltf. The morphing (using shape keys) works perfectly on blender, but there are many defaults on the shape when uploading on gltf viewer.
I tried doing it many ways but always got back to the same result. Any ideas why it’s reacting this way and how to solve it ?
Morph-animation.blend (1.4 MB) MORPH-RILES-FINAL-join.gltf (555.8 KB)
Attached the .blend file and gltf file.

What do you mean by this?

Since the model appears differently in Blender than in the three.js and Babylon.js viewers, I’d recommend filing an issue on

On second look, note that the model has two animations – if you play them both at the same time in the viewer it looks the same as the original to me.

Thanks for getting back at me.
Here’s a screen video of the render in blender vs in babylon.js. The triangulation is very bad in babylon (or any other viewer). I guess it’s because of how i morph my vertixes location from one shape to the other. I redid it several times, but don’t manage to make it better!
Sorry if it’s not clear, I’m new at this :slight_smile:

Turning off the normals in the export options seems to make the triangulation much less visible. I’m not sure why that would be, though.

Works perfectly that way! Thanks so much!