Strange rendering issue with texture

Can someone please help me to understand what I am doing wrong here please? I am doing a single sphere with some texture. It should look like flakes however I am getting something totally different. The texture is interrupted by those dark grey triangles and I end up with an alternating and patchy pattern. Is something wrong with my lights? what am I missing here?

My code is here
If the plunker doesnt load automatically, there is a small “refresh” icon on the preview panel. Try press the refresh button and you should get what is shown in the attached image

These patterns are called shadow acne . They come from the fact that the depth data stored in the depth texture has been quantized both in that it’s a texture, a grid of pixels, it was projected from the point of view of the light but we’re comparing it to values from the point of view of the camera. That means the grid of values in the depth map is not aligned with our camera and so when we compute currentDepth there are times when one value will be slightly more or slightly less than projectedDepth .

the problem is the shadows. try to play with these variable

renderer.shadowMap.type = THREE.PCFShadowMap
directionalLight.shadow.mapSize.set(512 * 2, 512 * 2); INT VALUE INT VALUE
directionalLight.shadow.normalBias = YOUR FLOAT VALUE (Exj: 0.1)
directionalLight.shadow.bias = YOUR FLOAT VALUE (Exj: -0.0001)

Thanks, you are right. Tweaking the bias seem to make a difference. Thats all new to me…