Strange Plane when adding LineMaterial + SAO


I´m building lines from edges like that - which, works like a charme:

let edgeGeom = new LineSegmentsGeometry().fromEdgesGeometry( edges );
let edgeMaterial =  new LineMaterial({ color: 0x999999, linewidth:0.01, transparent:true, opacity:0.25 })
let edgeLines = new LineSegments2( edgeGeom, edgeMaterial );

Problem now, when I apply an SAO-Pass for rendering, a strange “plane” shows up which only shows up if I add those LineSegments to the scene (see video, it appears when rotating), so I dare to say, it comes from using those classes… any ideas?


You see if the background is closed, I have encountered this bug before, I don’t know if it is solved.

I mean the render function in the pass, first cancel the background, and then set.

Many thanks!