Sprite facing camera always

Is there any way to stick sprite object to always.

Sprite facing camera always

That is the default behavior of sprites. You have to define in more detail what you are looking for.

Sprites are added to 3D object in different position. Because sprite face camera always when object where sprites are added rotates to 90 degree(Side view) sprites looks like overlapped because all the sprites face camera. Is there any way to identify overlapped sprites or avoid sprites facing camera

I’m afraid it’s not yet clear what problem you trying to solve. Any chances to demonstrate the issue with a live example or at least a screenshot?

I have added sprite objects to different location on human body. Please refer below screenshot.

When Human body rotates to 90 degree sprites objects looks overlapped and its not clear which location the sprites are added.

This is because sprites are facing camera always, is these anyway we can avoid facing camera and stick to object?

Why don’t you just use simple plane meshes instead? It’s then possible to decide on application level whether planes should face the camera or not by simply doing this:


Since these are icons I have used sprite. That is the best way to show icons

Is it possible to do it with sprite?

Not without changing the implementation of THREE.Sprite.

I’m afraid that is not true. A sprite is just a special type of a plane mesh. You can add the icon texture to an ordinary plane mesh, too.

Thanks. Can you share any example of adding icons to plane mesh. Since I am new to Three.js.

Got it. Thanks

Also can use decal three.js examples