Sprite Animation glitch

So I have a demo using the new SpriteMixer system ( which is AWESOME, btw, nice job, @felixmariotto ) ! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile: I for some reason can’t get the animation sequence to play correctly when I’m holding the up key or W key. It just waits until the key is up & then plays the looped animation sequence.

Here is the spritesheet{s} :

link-walk.png :


link-air-sword.png :


Here is the demo :


Here is the source :


Line{s} 24 - 28 & 230 - 247

Can you please copy here the part of your code that listen for keyboard events ?

@felixmariotto: Yes.

This is mainframe I created to use key events :


Here’s where the code listens for keyboard events ( mainly used for keydown ) :


Here’s the other key library that listen for keyboard events ( mainly used for keypress / keyup ) :


Apparently there is a problem with how you use this keystate library, I never ised it, I cannot help you.

@felixmariotto : What do you mean there is a problem with the keystate library? it works fine for anything else???

@felixmariotto : Never mind, I got it working! Thank You! :slight_smile: