SphereGeometry has a display error in r132

I create a Mesh by SphereGeometry and TextureMaterial, but I found the texture was cut off in some areas.

But the elder version r96 was fine.

Is there any solutions?

A SphereGeometry comprises of bands of trapezoid quadrilaterals, each of which comprises of two triangles. Mapping a rectangular texture to a quadrilateral will/can show you the full texture.

Exception is the bands at the poles of the sphere, where the band comprises of triangles only. This can show you half of the texture only.

Have a close look at the SphereGeometry example, after turning the widthSamples and heightSamples sliders to a low value:


See here for a UV-mapping visual of what you’re noticing: Prevent UV shearing near the poles in sphere geometries by WestLangley · Pull Request #16043 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

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Thanks for your reply!