Spatial acoustics project with cute cat (asmr room)


This project used the Audio WebAPI and Three.js to create spatial sound in 3D space.
The sound can be controlled through interaction, such as moving objects or typing on a keyboard. (when you move object, the sound also moves.)
It doesn’t have any real medical effects or implications, but aims to evoke a hedonic response through sound, similar to ASMR YouTube.

There’s the sound of a book turning, the sound of rain, the sound of typing on a keyboard, the sound of foot steps.


project image & video

  • if you click the icon, object appears.

  • when you move the object, the sound also moves.

  • you can type a keyboard(your real keyboard) image

  • or input some texts to modal input(open the modal by clicking abc icon. it appears when hovering keyboard icon)

github code


Thanks for sharing your project.
Usually it is better to add some description (besides the title), not just to throw in some URL.

I’m curious, while being in the room, did you experience actual ASMR (i.e. its medical meaning)?

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Please add some text/description or a image or video to your post.


particle effects look really nice!

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Sorry about that. I’ll add a description of the project, thanks :slight_smile:

In my experience, actually working with this site on helps me stay focused. :slight_smile: