Space and Time - Web3 Data Analytics Platform

Space and Time is building the first decentralized data warehouse. Welcome to the website depicting ripples of space and time! Interactive with the planets or even jump into the blackhole. We are building a new product/platform to serve as the backbone for all Web3 and decentralized


I am making annotation and physics addition tool in scanned 3D model and I like your annotation in website.

the top left box is actually mini-map of the whole scene and since there is only one room in scene and other scene space is empty so its white.

I am allowing adding physics body to element after 3D file is loaded.

these ball is just the for demo i was making for YouTube video.

I saw small part of my project similar in your project so wanted to share my project progress as well. :smiley:

This is the video:

but i did not added demo in that so made another video upoad showcasing demo.

Have a great day :smiley:

Pavin_Poudel make your own showcase topic,

oh i am sorry, I found his website has something similar so just wanted to share !!

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Have you experiences in 3 D escape room game ?
please DM me via discord

i have some job for you

I am sorry but I am not able to find you !!

I am in the three.js discord and my username is


my email address is

@ spaceandtime One of the most beautiful designs I’ve seen, congrats!
Can you describe what is it about in layman terms?