Some Cities of The Earth plotted with latitudes, longitudes and cardinal directions

Some Cities of The Earth
Based on the function FibonacciSphere(numPoints, point).
I made some modifications to accept latitudes, longitudes and cardinal directions.
The site I got the function is [Solved]-How can I achieve an even distribution of sprites across the surface of a sphere in THREE.js?-three.js

The link:

Thanks to the THREE.js Team !

PS: Leonardo Fibonacci, also known as Leonardo of Pisa, Leonardo Pisano or even Leonardo Bigollo, better known as Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician named as the first great European mathematician of the Middle Ages. He is considered by some to be the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages.

(Pisa, around September 1170 – Pisa, around 1242)


Add some Cities in Brazil. :wink:

What is the relation of locations of cities and the Fibonacci sphere?

The cities are historically/geographically positioned, while the points on a Fibonacci sphere are mathematically positioned.

Hi @PavelBoytchev ,

As I wrote, I was looking for information about Fibonacci functions, discovered the link:

and decided to make modifications, including latitudes and longitudes, obtaining the resultant page.

So I decided to pay homage to Fibonacci, because I got what I wanted.

Ultimately, the resulting function probably nullified the original Fibonacci function,
but it helped me get the result I wanted.

In life, sometimes, by chance, we find unexpected but desired results.

Thanks for the comment!

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And @PavelBoytchev …

Something similar happened to the page…

I took about six coded pages about textures with webcams and canvas and mixed parts of the codes and suddenly I got what I wanted!

Maybe it’s luck, or the stubbornness to find a desired outcome… :wink:

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Now with HTML label… :wink:

It is fun when you try with city number 3.14

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@PavelBoytchev …

It shows a City in another Dimension… far, far away from Showcase… :wink:

PS1: I suppose it is very close to Math.PI.City…

PS2: You will damage the mouse wheel if you try to watch it… :boom:

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