Some Basic Questions

I have some 3D model files that I created with SketchUp and then saved as glb files. I was then trying to view the glb files on a web page using “”. That requires me to have access to three.js. I am doing all of this on my laptop and now have some pretty basic questions:

  • Since I do not have access to a web server that can host all of this, can I do all of this on my laptop?

  • If this is possible on my laptop, what steps do you suggest to get this all going on my laptop?

  • If this is not possible on my laptop, where should I look to be able to view my glb files?

I will admit that I have not written any javascript for several years. I am not planning on writing any code on my own. I am relying on the “” tool do display my models.

Thanks in advance for any assistance/guidance you may have.

You can view GLB files by dragging them on this site:

And yeah if you want to develop, you can run and serve locally.
I use node to run a small local server and host my stuff but there’s lots of ways to do it.

I have my collection locally in a very simple way. This also works on a Laptop. I use the local server apache.

See the explanations on *
2024-05-16 18.15.38

I installed Node.js (at least I think I did) but now I do not know how to get things going. I have created a web page to display my glb file using “model-viewer” but I am not getting it to work.

Can someone point me to a place to learn how to do all of this? I have looked at the Three.js documentation and I thought I followed the instructions (item 2 under the installation guidelines) but I am just winding up with a blank page. I have also tried to follow the instructions on this web site Model Viewer.

How do you use node?

I thought i followed the instructions, but I wind up with a blank page.

I am building a web site on my laptop, and I have several models I want to show when select the model by clicking on a link. I am not an experienced javascript programmer (at least I have not written any js for qute a few years now).

I really want/need some help in how to accomplish this task. I have done the same thing with other technology (like Sketchfab and Trimble Connect) but I would like a solution that does not depend on storage on other devices.

If will help, I am posting an images that, I hope, shows what I want to do.

In the image, a “home page” for the models will be loaded. Then;

  1. The viewer/user will click on an image of the model they want to view.
  2. A web page for that model will be loaded into an iframe that has 2 divisions.
  3. The web for the model contains 2 divisions. The top division is for displaying the model in a 3D format that allows them to rotate, pan and zoom on the model. The bottom division contains detailed information about the model being displayed.

Is this possible on my laptop with using Three.js in some form?