[SOLVED] GLTF get bloated by embedded textures

Recently I created a model with .glb format and embedded textures through blender and all was ok, before I realized that my 600kb texture on the model head increasing total size in 6mb. Mesh on head was not heavy and animated with 2 bones. I need to add all textures in code? Can somebody explain practical differences in existed formats and which one we should use in different cases.

It sounds like the trip through Blender has re-compressed your texture differently, increasing its size. glTF itself does not change texture sizes… Try exporting to separate .gltf + .bin + textures using the glTF export menu and see what size the texture alone is. If it’s increased, you can just replace the file there and repack it into a .glb with glTF-Pipeline.

I’d also suggest filing a bug on the blender exporter if the texture size increases: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO

Thanks I got it.

It was my fault. I had a normal map on a head with 2048x2048 size, thanks.