Glb file exported via gltfexporter is thrice the size of original file

This is the gltf file I am using it is around 47mb. when i load this file in threejs and export via gltfexporter. the output file is around 150mb.

Tried buffergeometryutil.mergevertices before exporting still file size is 150 mb.(the issue seems to be due to textures)
Tried draco compression too still issue persists.

I have similar problem with another model too.

loading time of first model is normal but second model takes more time to load and to export.
How can i reduce the size of such models?

Ps. These models are downloaded from sketchfab

This was tried to fixed once but the PR was never merged:

In the meanwhile, consider to optimize the exported glTF asset with tools like gltfPack which allows you to add texture compression.