Smoothing the intersection boundary of two mesh

Is there a post-processing effect or method that can smooth the intersection line of two meshes? just like this:(smoothing the intersection area of head and neck)

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do you mean that I can make an object using such material than covers on that intersection area?

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Did you manage to get the desired result? Can you share an image of the effect?

Yes ! below is it’s primary result.

In this one, I cover a mesh on that intersection area.

I config that mesh’s material as below:

              aObj.material = new THREE.MeshPhysicalMaterial()                                          
              aObj.material.transmission = 1                                                            
              aObj.material.roughness = 0.7                                                             
              aObj.material.reflectivity = 0.2                                                          
              aObj.material.thickness = 0.01                                                            
              aObj.material.specularIntensity = 0 

And here is the result.It’s not perferct, but it’s good enough for me.

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