Blending between two meshes

I want to basically soften the edges of an intersection between two meshes How do i get 50% blend between the two meshes at their intersection?

Image above shows what I mean


what. after image is exactly the same as before but the camera moved to the left. and it is not even a mesh.

ah wait, you mean the line where it touches the ground!

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Yes the intersection of the two objects should be smooth and allow for blending of textures

There is a tool for Blender that does the job but I don’t think you can export out as gLTF, doesnt seem to work.

So the only other option is via shader in three.js.

it must be possible to mix two colours materials together, at a point

You can render the farther mesh to the depth texture with MeshDepthMaterial and then use thіs texture in the material shader of the secondary mesh and set opacity proportional to distance between meshes in current point. The farther a point is from the intersection - the more its opacity.

this would break if the camera is aligned along the ground