Blending Modes between materials

Bit naive in this area, but if one had two plane geometries with different images on each, different levels of transparency possibly…the planes overlapping, is there an easy method to produce standard “blending modes” from their combined overlapping materials values?

Edit: I’m reading about blending equations, but I’m wondering if this will work for separate objects materials overlapping.

You can define some custom blending see blendEquation, blendDst, blendSrc etc.

Also see:

For more advanced blending (such as Photoshop blending modes) you’d need to do compositing with a pingpong buffer which means rendering the first object into render target A, then rendering the next into B and pass the texture of A in the material to blend with it with an actual shader, then render the third into A again and pass texture of B in the material.

Thanks for the response. I’ll check it out!