Smooth shadow around a sphere

Hi guys,

I have been trying to get a smoother shadow around a sphere and cannot find any way to do so.
The result I have for now is the following :

And I have been trying to get something like this :

In Blender, a larger size of a Sun light provides the desired effect, any idea on how to do this in ThreeJS ? :smile:

Are you using a directional light? Or a point one?

Well I used a spotlight and played around with it’s angle, seems to do the job !

directional light will give you softer shadows for a sphere. If you want more than that - I would suggest using several light sources or try Area Light. It’s all about the angle at which the light hits the sphere, with the spot-light the angle is very oblique at towards the edge of the shadow, and falling very rapidly, with the directional light, the gradient will be smoother, and with area light you have a lot more flexibility to go being that

Well I only used a spot light and am quite satisfied with the result :smile: I will keep in mind your advice though thanks !

Planets have lots of dusty microfacets. Consider using an Oren-Nayar shader model; it’ll give you the softer terminator you’re looking for. Just googling around I see this for example: