Skinned mesh distorted after converting to GLTF from DAE

Hi, I’ve have an animated skinned character that works great when loaded from DAE file.

I then converted the DAE to GLTF 2.0 with the latest release of this tool

I tried to load the same character using the latest GLTFloader, and the mesh seems distorted.
Here you can see the difference between each version


I tried the same conversion tool with other skinned mesh i found online (cesiumango.dae) and it worked well.
So something goes wrong with this model specifically.
I suspect there is some tranformation issue involved.

Any ideas?

Does your DAE file work when you upload it to or And what happens when you upload the converted glTF file to one of the mentioned websites?

If the glTF model does not work, you should post an issue here. Collada is quite complex and maybe the converter misses something…

I tried sketchfab and the animation gets removed after conversion.I haven’t tried

I posted on github and yes, there is a known bug for this case. They are working on a fix. It has to with a matrix that is incorrectly multiplied