Shining Eyes on json Character

I try to get shining eyes on a json character. I got one mesh and one texture. How does this all work thogether?
Do I have to split the texture in two parts, texture 1 with just the eyemoisture ( should be shining) and texture 2 with all the rest? Or is it possible to use just one texture?
How does the codes have to look to achieve this?
Thanks in advance

Thanks for your answer
I have in Blender different materials for the eyes and everything else of the body. All the materials are listed in the .json file, but when I load it into threes, I can not make just the eyemoisture shining or make it reflecting like in nature. How can I do the code in threes that the eyemoisture-material is reflecting light.
Thanks in advance for the help


In Blender you can see the eyemoisture.
Inside the loader the eyemoisture is not visible like in Blender. But the eyemoisture-mesh must be there, because when I paint a white point on the texture, the white point is visible inside the loader, so the mesh must be there.
How can I make the eyemoisture in threes look like the eyemoisture in Blender?
Thanks for the help


Yes, but you need different materials for the eyes and the rest of the body. This is something that you normally configure in a content creation tool like Blender. The following thread might help: