Shaping Particles - morphing particles demo / decent FPS

Hello guys, first time poster here.

I just created morphing particles demo to test the speed of GPU, especially on low end mobile devices.
I used 36k particles thinking it will be too much for mobiles, but I still get 30 FPS even on older Samsung mobile.

Would be nice if I could disable vsync to see max FPS on desktop. As far I can tell, it’s not possible?

Shaping Particles demo:


I get a smooth 100 FPS on an M1 Mac. However - I don’t think the particles are the bottleneck, as I’ve done some test and my machine has no problem with millions of particles.

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I checked M1 Mac specs, I guess your monitor can go up to 144Hz.
I couldn’t go higher than 60Hz on my monitor. Thanks for the info.

I disabled VSync in order to test that.

Just use this command:

open -a “Google Chrome” --args --disable-gpu-vsync --disable-frame-rate-limit

Thanks, didn’t know that is possible.