Shape for points

Hi all got a function for create points:

function generateSpherePoints(size, count){
    geometry = new THREE.Geometry(spherical);
    for(let i = 0; i < count; i++){
    var material_medium = new THREE.PointsMaterial({color: 0xffffff, size: size,alphaTest: 0, transparent: true});
     points = new THREE.Points(geometry, material_medium);
    return points;

how without textures i can change point shape from box to sphere?

Did I get it correctly, that you want to have shape of points as circles instead of squares?

yes. box - squares. Sorry…

or may be better use sprites?

Maybe this article is helpful to you:

In three.js you need to adjust PointsMaterial to achieve anti-aliased circular points. You can find the shader code for this in the linked document.

Before you do that: Why not just using a texture?


so thank you!